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A Guide To Buying Golf Equipment Online
By Jack G Gordon


Are you aware that there are over 60 million golfers playing the sport around the world, and that a high percentage of these are purchasing their golf equipment online? This is why you will find so many golf stores on the Internet, selling everything from golf clubs and shoes, to training DVD's. Golf probably supports the most diverse range of products of any sport!

Whilst purchasing your equipment over the internet is a good option, there are also certain things you need to be aware of. For instance, whenever there is a big market for products, you will find that many replicas and poorly made alternatives start appearing, and this is very common online. So ensure that you do your research and always check the credentials of a company before making any purchases.

Why Buy Golf Equipment Online
You may think its unconventional purchasing golf equipment over the internet, but this is how millions of golfers are obtaining their equipment. More and more shops are popping up online and they will not be going away anytime soon.

The benefit of going online for golf equipment suppliers is that they can reach out to a global audience, but there are also many benefits for consumers too!

• Selection - Online stores offer the consumer a huge range of golf equipment to choose from and as they are not limited to store space, they can stock many times what a physical store can. You also have the option to shop from hundreds and hundreds of different stores, whereas, you may have only one or two located in your nearest town.

• Price - It is very easy to compare prices when shopping online, but in addition to this, you also find many more discounts available than a traditional store. You can also find discount vouchers through online affiliates that allow you to purchase your golf equipment online at a bargain price!

• Convenience - The best thing about online stores is that they never close. This means you can do your shopping whenever you please! You can also compare the different prices in a few moments, instead of having to run around town or wait for someone on the phone to get back to you.

• Information - When buying golf equipment online you can usually find buying guides and some even have blogs that are full of useful information. Many stores hire staff, which is not knowledgeable about the sport.

Online Golf Forums
Over the years, many great golfing communities have been formed that you could become a part of. Many of the larger ones have areas for buying and selling and also trading golf equipment online.

Golf forums can be a very supportive place for someone looking to share information and tips.If you are thinking of using a forum to purchase any equipment then you need to sort the bad apples from the good. There may be sellers who are not genuine, but usually you can see the feedback from others who have bought their products and see if they are genuine or not.

Sign Up To Newsletter
Most online golf stores offer a newsletter that you can sign up to. This can be beneficial if you want to be kept up to date with special offers or new equipment that has been released. You can always unsubscribe if you are finding that the information is not of benefit to you.

Read Reviews
It is important to do this before purchasing your golf equipment online. There are many review sites on the internet that offer great insights into equipment that users have actually tested. If you cannot decide between two different golf clubs, you can check the reviews to see which one is mostly preferred!

Customer Service And Return Policy
Just because you are buying your golf equipment online, it doesn't mean that you shouldn't expect great customer service. Make sure the online store has a phone number you can call or an email address for any queries you may have. You should also expect to be able to talk to experienced knowledgeable staff.

It is also important that you have the option of returning the equipment and getting a full refund if you are not entirely happy.
Jack is a 69yr old retired business owner, who was forced into retirement early when he was the victim of a violent crime. Jack found the online world so he could work from home. Its been a long strange trip for Jack, but after a lot of time and attending the school of hard knocks, he has become a successful Senior Consultant.

I hope this guide has given a good insight into buying golf equipment online and you can now comfortably purchase your equipment without any worries!


Challenging Golf Courses Around The World
By Harry Pearce


Not all golfers travel the world seeking outstanding natural beauty, courses that hug cliffs or traverse deserts. Some golfers pursue the passion of the sport, the incredible complexity and definition behind every single tee and putt. Some architects and designers have relegated the beauty of a course to the backburner, in pursuit of developing the most difficult courses; built to challenge even the veteran swingers.

From Taiwan to Toronto, London to Lithuania; golf courses are springing up everywhere. If it's your dream to play on the most challenging courses on your world, you might want to cast your eye over the list below.

Carnoustie Golf Links, Dundee, Scotland

The United States may consider itself the King of golf courses, and it may have a point in terms of volume; but Scotland is a brutal place to play. Carnoustie Links is scattered across the rugged North Sea coast and every shot you play is a fierce one on one battle with the whipping sea wind.
Carnoustie forged its reputation in the fires of the 1999 Open Championship, being gifted the nickname "Carnasty" from reducing Garcia to fits of weeping. The course can boast 7,421 yards over a par of 71, but the numbers are deceptive when they don't account for the striking gales making banana shots out of the most finely tuned putts.

The pot bunkers at Carnasty are unlike anything ever seen in the world of golf, throwing fiendish obstacles both high and low in the path of veteran and beginner alike. Expect to find yourself in rough or sand for the majority of your day.
But don't let the calibre of Carnoustie deter you, reaching the final hole with even 100 shots leaves you feeling like you've defeated a great beast. With Carnoustie humbled, you can look back across the hills and realise that the stark beauty of Scotland is truly a fickle beast.

Whistling Straits, Kohler, Wisconsin, United States

From the King of Golfing Hell comes another course to incite tears into even the canniest of golfers. Pete Dye, an expert in reducing golfers to tears of frustration, designed the Whistling Straits on an abandoned artillery course on the shores of Lake Michigan.

The reviewers at Golf Digest visited the course in its inaugural year and came back with some staggering statistics. Over the eighteen holes, one can expect to encounter just shy of 1000 bunkers. The exact count lay at 967 which worked out as an average of 54 bunkers per hole, some so small as to be invisible and some large enough to fit the crowd inside. Whistling Straits has been the undoing of many professionals who have trouble discerning bare ground from bunker, and the penalty points have made jokes of play-off places.

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Golf Club, Lijiang, Yunnan, China

As if created purely to fit the description of the most intimidatingly named sports course in the world, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Golf Club is a lengthy affair to say the least. It is the longest course in the world, packing a punch of over 8,500 yards with an arsenal including a par 5 which is somewhat difficultly spread out over 700 yards.

The only benefit, and I mean the only benefit, is that the thin altitudinal air of the Himalayas let your golf ball fly a significant amount further. Whilst good when you need to whistle through those 700 yards, you'll find yourself overshooting for the vast majority of your day. Coupled with the fact that the thin air will adjust the trajectory of your ball a lot easier, you'll also find yourself clutching at the air to draw breath if you even think about anything like a brisk walk.

Play at your peril, but be confident in knowing that your peril awaits you with a majestic rugged beauty in agricultural China.


Top 10 Simple Ways to Lower Your Golf Score by 5 Shots Next Round
By Greg Hanson


"Oh I shot an 85 but it could have easily been a 75!"... How many times have we said something to that effect to our buddies right after our round- Too many. It's extremely easy to leave shots out on the course, but with a little mental fortitude, you can just as easily NOT make those simple bone-headed mistakes that add up over the course of a complete round. Here's the top 10 simple ways to lower your score by 5 strokes.

#10) Tee the Ball to the Correct Height- Irons need to be teed low or else you'll get no power from hitting it off the top of the clubface. Woods need to be a bit higher, but not too high! Make it a priority to learn the correct heights for each club.

#9) Stick to a Pre-Shot Routine- When the pressure gets higher, like putting for a birdie, or having to drive a ball in between a lake on one side and out of bounds on the other, a pre-shot routine will keep you in the present moment and allow you to concentrate fully before executing the shot.

#8) Swing at 80-90%- This is such a simple way to visualize not swinging too hard. And we all know what happens when we swing too hard!

#7) Keep Fueled- This means you want to keep fully hydrated at all times and have some snacks during the round. It's 4+ hours out there in the elements! Your brain and muscles will respond better, and you'll shoot better scores, period.

#6) Tee the Ball Up on the Correct Side of the Tee Box- If you hit a cut and there is trouble on the left, then tee the ball up on the right side of the tee. This will increase the angle of where you can start a good shot on a good line. Tee the ball up so you can hit away from trouble.

#5) Speed, Speed, Speed - In order to put well, you want to look at the line, and then forget it! Think about speed last and during your practice strokes.

#4) Read the Putt From BOTH Sides of the Hole- While your other players are putting, why not take a look from the other side of the hole at the putt? 9 times out of 10 you'll learn more information from the read, and it doesn't take any extra time if you do it properly.

#3) Putt Instead of Chip- If you are on the fringe, PUTT IT! If you are a professional golfer who practices chips off of tight lies from small distances everyday....then sure, chip it.

#2) Play The Shot You Have That Day- If you have warmed up and hit your first few shots, all with a fade, play it. Don't spend the whole round trying to change it. If you can embrace the shot you have, you can score better much easier.

#1) Forget the Score and Don't Give Up!- "Yeah Right!" you are saying... But seriously, if you start out with an absolute terrible hole, who cares? You NEVER know what could happen later on if you stay positive.

There's 10 simple ways to drop your score next time by at least 5 strokes. Play well!

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